The Dragonfly Story

It was a period of transition. A time where one pauses to reflect on where they’ve been and where they want to go. After scaling back on my work schedule to be more present for my family, it was time to jump back in and plan the next chapter.

Control and freedom were must-haves. Working for someone else was no longer an option. With 20+ years in the industry, I’ve had the privilege to work with many wonderful people. And they, in turn, wanted to work with me.

In thinking about a company name, I knew this would be the most important foundation of the organization. It needed to be creative yet communicative. Clients and communities should be able to connect to it. Noticing a pattern of c’s, I began to doodle the third letter of the alphabet and naturally, they became loops and the loops became wings……….

I liked wings. They reminded me of a favorite quote by Erin Hanson “What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”. We had wings, we had fly, now we needed the core. A core with strong characteristics. This led me to think about dragonflies. Remembering the time when I had to explain the death of Roxy, our beloved but elderly dog, to my then 3-year old son. As we all do, I went to the internet and a search produced a book entitled “Water Bugs & Dragonflies, Explaining Death to Young Children”. Another search for a dragonfly’s characteristics brought it full circle.


A business plan followed soon after and then forming a team was next. Feeling strongly about working with businesses in the local community and offering an opportunity to others (mostly women who had taken a break from the workforce to raise their families). After a backyard pitch meeting and two successful recruits, we were ready to launch.

Dragonfly Agency began with humble roots and a unique business model. Long before remote work and flexible hours were a thing, Dragonfly was a leader in providing that opportunity to its team members.

How did we do it? We don’t sell by selling. We sell by guiding, operating, and delivering. With trust and honesty at the helm; and people and purpose throughout.

MaryAnne Kanacki

Founder & CEO