The Dragonfly Story

About Us

My connection to dragonflies began in 2006.  It was a busy year with a new baby, a new house, a new business, and with these wonderful “new” things, our “old” beloved dog had to be put to sleep.  My son was three and my daughter only six weeks old.  Our dear dog, Roxy, was too old and sick and barely able to stand.  The vet said she would not be able to withstand the transition to our new home.


Roxy originally belonged to my brother-in-law.  Unable to keep her when he moved to an apartment in Tampa, Roxy went to live with my in-laws in Coral Springs, Florida.  She offered tremendous support and was a dear companion to them.  When my mother-in-law was losing her battle with breast cancer, Roxy lay by her side day and night.  After she passed, Roxy provided much love and comfort to my grieving father-in-law.  A short year later, he too passed away unexpectedly.  Roxy was left with no one to care for her. Having been such a strong support to those we loved, we couldn’t leave her behind, so, we arranged to have her flown to New Jersey to live with us.  True to her spirit, she became my best friend during some difficult times.  When my son was born, she guarded his crib; the protector.  For three years, he played with her and loved her unconditionally.  When the time came to move, I wasn’t sure how I would explain that Roxy would not be coming with us to our new home.


After researching books about talking to children about death, I came across Doris Stickney’s Water Bugs & Dragonflies: Explaining Death to Young Children.  I read this fable to my son and it helped him understand that Roxy went to another place and just couldn’t come back, even though she may want to.  The story also stuck with me in a very positive way.   Now, whenever I see a dragonfly, I think of those who I have lost in my life and I have a peaceful feeling that they have moved on to another place and are looking down at all of us… “the silly water bugs” scurrying about.  For me, a person who once thought dragonflies were frightening and annoying, they have now become a positive symbol of change, hope and new beginnings.  I tend to notice them and seek them out in random objects – notebooks, pillows, home decor, just about anything.


When the time came to name my new company, Dragonfly naturally became the lead contender.  The dragonfly, a subject of intrigue, symbolizes change, mental and emotional maturity and an understanding of the deeper meaning of life.  Its scurrying flight across water represents the act of going beyond what’s on the surface and looking into the deeper implications and aspects of life.  Finally, the dragonfly’s characteristics are perfectly aligned with the company’s vision and values.


Two sets of translucent wings can work together or independently.  Each wing represents Dragonfly Agency’s core competency:  Consulting, Creative, Communication and Connection. The iridescent wings and body allow it to show itself in different color unmasking the real self and living IN the moment.  Additionally, the transparency of the wings portrays integrity; their beauty epitomizes the style and grace with which we approach our events.


Dragonfly Agency looks forward to providing you and all our clients with customized services, exceptional focus, cutting edge creativity, and lasting connections.

-A dragonfly can see 360 degrees. Eighty percent of its brain power is dedicated to sight.  Similarly, Dragonfly Agency pays attention to every detail. This intense focus, insight and foresight are all required traits when planning and managing events.  


-Dragonflies are efficient creatures. To stay in flight, they flap their wings 30 times per minute (mosquitoes flap theirs 600 times per minute, houseflies 1,000 times per minute). Dragonfly Agency prides itself on accomplishing goals with the utmost simplicity and effectiveness.


-A dragonfly can hover like a helicopter and move in six different directions (backwards, forwards, straight up, down and side to side). Flexibility is an absolute necessity in all phases of successful event management.  


-The amazing dragonfly can exist in air, water and on land. Dragonfly Agency prides itself on its connection to the travel and event industry and its comfort in navigating both for you.