Dragonfly | The Dragonfly Story
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The Dragonfly Story

By MaryAnne Kanacki

Dreams and Dragonflies…

Starting a business had always been my dream. A dream that could potentially offer me diversity in the events industry (in which I’d been working for 25 years), the flexibility that I needed as a mother, and the excitement that I craved; the excitement that comes when you build something of your very own.


When my children were both in middle school, they were suddenly a bit busier with their own lives—academics, extra-curriculars, social engagements—and I found a little time to think about ME again. I knew what I wanted to do…make my dream a reality!


On a warm, summer day in 2015, I made the decision to start my own event-planning business.


I started by listing WHAT services my new company would offer. A pattern emerged: Consulting, Connection, Creativity and Communication…four C’s. Doodling in a notebook, these letters became loops and the loops became wings. The wings of a dragonfly! This was intriguing to me. I had been drawn to dragonflies again and again in my life for very personal reasons. Most relevant was when I needed to explain the passing of Roxy, our beloved but ill dog, to my 3-year-old son. Stumbling upon a booklet, Water Bugs & Dragonflies, Explaining Death to Young Children, I found the right words.


A deeper dive into the characteristics of a dragonfly showed me that it is truly an amazing creature. And, one that aligned perfectly with the vision I had for my company!


I discovered that:

  • Eighty percent of a dragonfly’s brain power is dedicated to sight. In fact, a dragonfly can see 360 degrees! This intense focus, insight and foresight are hugely important when planning and managing events.
  • Dragonflies move with efficiency. To stay in flight, they flap their wings 30 times-per-minute (in comparison, mosquitoes flap theirs 600 times-per-minute; houseflies 1,000 times-per-minute). Accomplishing goals with the utmost simplicity and effectiveness is a priority for the company.
  • A dragonfly can hover like a helicopter, able to move in six different directions (backwards, forwards, up, down, and side to side). Flexibility is another absolute necessity in all phases of successful event management—particularly on-site!
  • A dragonfly can exist in air, water and on land. This diversity is one of the things I love most about the events industry and what makes it so unique. The need for adaptability is both the challenge and excitement that fuels an amazing event!
  • The wings of a dragonfly are transparent. Transparency and integrity are absolute necessities and need to be priorities in this business.
  • A dragonfly’s beauty epitomizes the style and grace with which events need to be created in order to stand out and make attendees feel special.

The name had become clear to me, and now it was time to form a business plan. I felt strongly about working with businesses in the community and drawing upon the incredible resources I had right in my own back yard. And that is where the first Dragonfly business meeting was held.


I called three amazing and talented women from the community, three good friends, and pitched my ideas to them. They were all stay-at-home mothers who had previously been successful business women. After discussing my business model with them, two signed on immediately. The third joined a year later.


Dragonfly Agency began with three people and one client. Since then, we have welcomed several new clients and managed countless successful projects. As new business opportunities unfold and collaborations/relationships are made, the future is looking bright, and for that I am truly grateful and excited.


The talented Australian poet, Erin Hanson, wrote a verse that is near to my heart:

“There is freedom waiting for you,


On the breezes of the sky,


And you ask “What if I fall?’


Oh but my darling,


What if you fly?”