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Meet Dragonfly

MaryAnne Kanacki

President and Founder



MaryAnne Kanacki is the Founder and President of Dragonfly Agency, a full-service meeting management and event company.  Her extensive 25+ years’ experience has resulted in developing a specialty providing meeting planning services to clients within the pharmaceutical industry.

Before starting Dragonfly Agency, MaryAnne worked as an Account Executive, Vice President Operations and Executive Vice President at larger organizations.  Forming Dragonfly Agency has allowed her the ability to fulfill her passion of providing exceptional client services with a more customer-focused and intuitive personalized approach, while providing the flexibility needed to enjoy her family and life to the fullest.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, running, the beach, live music and working on her newly acquired love of playing tennis.

MaryAnne is currently working with several early stage pharmaceutical clients as they prepare for commercialization and, ultimately, product launch.

MaryAnne can be reached at (732)224-1010 or by email: mak@dflyagency.com.

Risa Bertodatti

Manager/Creative & Communications



Risa Bertodatti is Manager of Creative & Communications at Dragonfly Agency. As one of the original Dragonfly team members, Risa oversees the creative/design team and develops/coordinates collateral content as well as our communication materials. Risa is responsible for the accuracy of meeting materials, ensuring the message is consistent and engaging every time.

Risa’s former role as a Copywriter and Editor at Agora Publishing, Inc., where she worked in the health and travel divisions, has been useful in providing enticing, effective meeting materials, excellent written communications and a collaborative, creative approach to our clients for the past 4 years.

In her free time, Risa enjoys live music, exercise and participating in community theater.

Risa can be reached at (732) 224-1010 or email at: Risa@dflyagency.com.


Suzanne Butler

Human Resources Consultant



Suzanne Butler is a Human Resources Consultant at Dragonfly Agency where she provides strategic HR direction company-wide. Suzanne is instrumental in sourcing exceptional talent for Dragonfly as needs arise, and in addition, provides work-flow analysis as the company continues to grow and expand.

Prior to working at Dragonfly, Suzanne worked for over 15 years in the financial services sector for such companies as Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley and Putnam Investments. At these firms, she partnered with senior management to provide HR solutions for large divisions including Equity Research, Institutional Sales and the Investment Divisions, globally. Suzanne’s past experience has made her an invaluable resource to Dfly as she works to ensure that the organization’s development aligns with our evolving business needs.

When Suzanne has free time, she enjoys yoga as well as planning destination ski trips that she enjoys each winter with her family.

Suzanne can be reached at (732) 224-1010 or email: suzanne@dflyagency.com.

Jenny Costello

Sales & Operations Coordinator



Jenny Costello is Coordinator of Sales & Operations for Dragonfly Agency. She is responsible for planning and execution of our many and varied Dragonfly events. Jenny is also a key contributor as we build and maintain relationships with our clients and acts as liaison between clients, vendors and hotel staff. She was certified in Spring of 2016 by the Event Leadership Institute in Event & Meeting Management Fundamentals.

Prior to working for Dragonfly Agency, Jenny spent 10 years working in the financial industry. She worked for Credit Suisse First Boston in Private Client Services, where she was licensed to buy and sell securities. Jenny also worked for Oppenheimer Funds, where she was a Product Specialist on the broker/dealer side.

Jenny’s experience has been key to Dragonfly’s growth; she coordinates special projects within events, making sure they run seamlessly with attention to every detail. She also provides important follow-up information to clients so they have the ability to plan accordingly for future projects.

In her free time, Jenny is a Certified Personal Trainer. She enjoys raising her three children, reading and spending her summers on the beach with family and friends.

Jenny can be reached at (732) 224-1010 or at email: Jenny@dflyagency.com.

Sacha Doyle

Director, Client Services



Sacha Doyle is the Director of Client Services at Dragonfly Agency. She is the primary point of contact and oversees the planning and execution of our meetings as well as providing leadership and guidance to the in-house team. Sacha manages all logistical details of a program including hotel management, menu planning, ground transportation, audio visual needs and meeting materials.

Sacha has been in the events industry for over 20 years, where she has specialized in Incentive Travel Programs. Her round-the-world experience planning a wide variety of complex events, diverse in nature, coupled with her passion for travel and attention to detail make her a perfect mentor and manager of the dynamic Dragonfly Team!

Currently, Sacha is working on a variety of events including Sales Training Meetings, Launch Meetings, National Sales Meetings and Incentive Programs.

In her free time, Sacha enjoys cooking and culinary experiences, tennis, exercise, reading and Bible study.

Sacha can be reached at (732) 224-1010 or at email: Sacha@dflyagency.com

Anne Drumstas

Executive VP/Operations



Anne Drumstas is the Executive Vice President of Operations at Dragonfly Agency. With more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, she brings both a corporate and meeting-management perspective to ensure the highest level of best practices and standards for every Dragonfly event.

Before joining Dragonfly Agency, Anne worked as Sr. Director of a pharmaceutical company where she was instrumental in building and leading the Travel & Meeting Services Department, as well as the development and management of supplier relationships.

Anne is currently overseeing the migration to our new technology platforms. She is sourcing for several upcoming national meetings, as well as standardizing processes as Dragonfly continues its growth.

Some of Anne’s favorite things to do are traveling, scuba diving and photography.

Anne can be reached at (732)224-1010, or by email at Anne@dflyagency.com.

Carrie Eustace

Program Coordinator



Carrie Eustace is a Program Coordinator at Dragonfly Agency. She assists the Senior Event Managers in every aspect of program preparation and supports all Dragonfly staff in our busy and diverse office setting.

Carrie was recently certified by the Event Leadership Institute in Event & Meeting Management Fundamentals and continues to learn more about the industry in the office and on-site at our various events.

Before starting at Dragonfly, Carrie was VP of Investor Relations for 12 years at Morgan-Walke Associates. Her background in client services has prepared her perfectly for maintaining the high-degree of precision and detail that Dragonfly provides to each of our accounts.

Carrie’s experience in the industry currently includes POA meetings, Award/Incentive trips, Investor events and National Sales Meetings for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as numerous private events.

When Carrie isn’t working, you’ll find her spending time with her husband and 3 children and relaxing on the beach with a good book!

You can reach Carrie at (732) 224-1010 or by email at Carrie@dflyagency.com.

Alexis Feder

Senior Event Manager



Alexis Brooke Feder is a Senior Event Manager at Dragonfly Agency. She handles all aspects of planning and execution of events, client services and coordination of the in-house team.

Alexis began her career in hospitality over 20 years ago, starting in the hotel industry and then moving into an event-planning role in the pharmaceutical industry, where she has remained for over 18 years. Alexis has worked with numerous well-known pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Schering-Plough, Forest, Astra-Zeneca, Bausch Health and many more and is revered as a resourceful employee, colleague and mentor in the industry.

Alexis is currently working on numerous Conventions and Advisory Board meetings for Dragonfly Agency.

When she’s not working, Alexis enjoys traveling with family and friends and volunteering for the PTA as well as for a national philanthropic women’s organization—Sigma Delta Tau.

You can reach Alexis at (732) 224-1010 or email: Alexis@dflyagency.com.

Margaret Graf

Director/Finance & Administration



Margaret Graf is the Director of Finance and Administration at Dragonfly Agency. She seamlessly runs the company’s Accounting and Finance departments, as well as managing Human Resources—including payroll and employee benefits.

Before becoming part of the DFLY team, Margaret worked as Director of F&A in the medical device industry, helping with sales, advertising and marketing both overseas and in the U.S.

Previously, Margaret owned her own retail business in Lake George, NY and ran it independently and successfully for 3 years before moving back to NJ to raise her family.

Though Margaret was new to event planning when she joined the Dragonfly team in 2016, she has enjoyed learning the industry. She has attended numerous Dragonfly programs across the United States—assisting with all different aspects of planning, production and execution of a successful live event.

In her free time, Margaret enjoys traveling with her family, playing pickleball, hiking and theater. She was a member of the Fair Haven, Schools Board of Education from 2000-2009 and continues to remain involved in her community.

Margaret’s extensive and varied background has made her the perfect fit for the dynamic and fast-paced DFly Agency and she continues to keep things running smoothly!

You can reach Margaret at (732) 224-1010 or at email: mgraf@dflyagency.com.

Marybeth Kern

Manager of Corporate Communications



Marybeth Kern is the Manager of Corporate Communications at Dragonfly Agency. She curates all of our social media posts on all platforms including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook in creative and innovative ways.

Before becoming part of the DFLY team, she has been a multiple woodwind musician and graphic artist. Touring and performing extensively around North America, Europe and Japan.

While she continues to play locally, Dragonfly allows her the flexibility to still travel and perform.

She has acquired a Bachelor’s and Masters degree in Music and also studied Graphic Design during both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She is fulfilling her passions both musically and visually.

Marybeth’s creative talents has made her the perfect fit for Dragonfly, sharing our adventures, accomplishments and events through the ever-changing social media world.

You can reach Marybeth at: marybethekern@gmail.com.



Sharon Patterson

Graphic Designer



Sharon Patterson is the Graphic Designer at Dragonfly Agency. She collaborates with the Dfly team to conceptualize and design beautiful, professional marketing and printed materials for all our events as well as in-house projects. Sharon takes client specifications and creates custom branded products to make their events unique and within every budget.

Sharon oversees the printing and production of all materials; she researches and works with vendors and printers to make sure each finished product is perfect.

Sharon’s 15 years of experience as a graphic designer has been invaluable to Dragon Fly Agency. She has worked in the retail industry designing upscale, high-end labels and packaging for companies such as Coach, Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren, to name just a few. She coordinated the designs between NY and overseas clients and traveled to Italy Headquarters to assist the artistic team there.

From agendas to invitations to signage to high-end packaging, Sharon brings fresh ideas and gorgeous detail to all your event needs—big or small!

In her free time, Sharon enjoys going to the beach, vacationing with her family and live music.

Sharon can be reached at (732) 224-1010 or at email: Sharon@dflyagency.com

Lauren Steets

Manager/Finance & Office



Lauren Steets is the Manager of Finance & Office at Dragonfly Agency. She handles all program expenses, room-block management, air-ticketing costs as well as completes detailed final billing for all of our events.

Lauren consults with the Dragonfly staff and hotels as she prepares final budgets to present to our clients in a timely fashion.

Before Dragonfly, Lauren worked as a teacher in New Jersey for 9 years where she taught math, literacy, science and physics to middle school students. Her knowledge in Quickbooks™ began as PTA Treasurer and has evolved into a full understanding of this complex accounting software package.

Currently Lauren is working on billing for our most recent events and is busy managing room blocks and air ticketing for Hiring Events, National Sales Meetings and Incentive Trips.

When she’s not working, Lauren enjoys vacationing with her family, skiing, tennis and outdoor adventures!

Lauren can be reached at (732) 224-1010 or at email: Lauren@dflyagency.com.